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Hi everyone,

I am currently involved in an Applied Research Project with the BCRPA on "Connecting People to Nature". The first part of the project is collecting stories from people working in the Recreation Field on how they are creating Opportunities to Connect people to nature -- this part is almost finished and currently there are 22 stories in the "Stories about Connecting People to Nature" tab under Program Planning in the Healthy in Nature website.


The second part of the research is to engage you in conversations about successes, challenges, ideas about connecting people to nature in this collaboration site.

From May 16 - June 16, 2017. I will be "moderating" this topic on the Collaboration site. This means I'll be checking in and posting ideas.....aha's.......hmms.....about the Connecting People to Nature topic and you are welcome to engage in the conversation by replying to the post. My hope is that we can create a dynamic discussion about connecting to people to nature and how we are doing it and can do it in recreation -- and learn from each other to help grow this in our work.

If you click on the "subscribe" button on the page - it means that you will receive an email notification when new information is posted on this topic -- best way to engage in the conversation!

Talk soon!


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For those who were at the BCRPA's Symposium in Kelowna this year, the opening keynote Frances Ming Kuo has shared her research paper with us, which was the basis of her presentation: Reconnect with Nature.

For those who missed her keynote presentation, Frances' research explores the connection between contact with nature and health.


This is posted in the resource section of the Collaboration site, but I have also linked it here as it is relevant to the conversation about the work that is being done to connect people to nature, and being healthy in nature.


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I was at Fances Ming Kuo's presentation at BCRPA -- it created a really strong base of research to prove that connecting to nature is good for us.

Here are a couple of my takeaways from the presentation:

* The idea of "green-person-minutes" -- that when we are creating programs and living our lives - we need to think about incorporating "green-person-minutes" (time in nature) to increase health and wellness

*We can be ambassadors of green spaces - where we live and work -- take advantage of the green spaces that are around us in our everyday lives.

* when our body is in flight or flight mode - it prioritizes short term needs - and doesn't invest in long term health -- in our current environment -- today's society -- we are consistently operating in a level of stress -- so our bodies interpret that as a level of "fight or flight" and don't invest in long term -- being in nature helps to de-stress the body so it can invest in long term health and wellness work.

* picture of nature as a multi-vitamin -- "one thing" which is not really one thing for all of these positive health outcomes. -- Time in and around nature.

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