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BCRPA Collaboration Site

Welcome to the BCRPA’s new Online Collaboration Site. All areas of the site are accessible for public viewing, however, you will need to login to upload resources or participate in discussions. Please use your BCRPA login. If you don’t have one, click here

Site features include:

  • FILTERING–You can filter the content by Sector (ie. Aquatics,) or Topic area (ie. Healthy in Nature) or by Keyword
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS– You can subscribe to any, or all, of the five resource areas below to receive email notifications when new content is posted. You can also subscribe to the discussion area for conversations occurring within a particular Sector or Topic Area
  • SHARING RESOURCES – Upload material to share with others 

For frequently asked questions or more details on how to navigate through this site or subscribe to different areas, click on the ‘About’ link at the top right.


Use the discussion area to ask questions of your colleagues, get advice, and share what you know.  It's like having a personal advisory board! 


Keep up with new and innovative programs and ideas, as well as the tried and true.  Learn what others are doing and share the great things you have going on.

Research & Reports

Resources, research and reports that will help you with your projects, assignments, and general thirst for knowledge.  Search by the sector you work in or by a popular topic area. Click on the 'Contribute' box and add resources you think others would find useful.


Policies guide our actions, and are always a sought after reference.  Share yours and see how other organizations are dealing with their issues and initiatives.


Click here for information on current grants available. If you hear of any that are not listed, please let us know!  Just click on the Contribute box and send us the info.

Related Organizations

There are lots of organizations doing great work out there. Check out what we have so far. The list is ever-changing so if you think we missed someone, let us know!

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