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I am currently working on a user agreement between the regional district and school district. We are requesting access (on weekdays and weekends) to the school gym for afterschool programs and other community recreation programs. I am wondering two things

  1. If you have an agreement do you have a shared use, licensing agreement or other?
  2. What are the fees outlined in your agreement?

Thank you for any insight!

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Good afternoon,

We in Williams Lake indeed have a Joint Use Agreement with School District #27. It actually also includes the Regional District and Thompson Rivers University as well which makes it all kinds of complicated!
Amazingly enough we do not have fees for facility use at all. The agreement outlines which facilities are available and when. Only if there is extra staff time required is there ever any fees.
If you'd like a copy of the agreement I'd be happy to send it along. Shoot me an e-mail at


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Prince Rupert has a joint use agreement with SD 52. It was first developed in the mid 90s.

The agreement is a shared use agreement, and there are no fees outlined in the agreement. The SD has use of our facility between specific times, and we have use of their fields and facilities after specified times.

Fire me an email if you want to discuss further, its fresh on my mind right now because we are reevaluating the current agreement.

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