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I am wondering how other municipalities set their recreation program fees. For our small municipality, most of our program fees are set by the contractors who are delivering the service. Our recreation department split registration fees 80% (instructor) 20% (municipality). This model has recently been called into question by another department who suggests that all fees must be set into a Fees Bylaw. It would be difficult to set every program fee into a bylaw as these programs vary on an annual basis depending on who is available in our community to deliver services.

How are other municipalities formalizing their fees? Any example of fee bylaws that could help us with this?

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The City of Coquitlam has established a process for this by inserting a clause in the Parks and Recreation section of the Fees and Charges bylaw. If you follow the link below, and look at page 22 of the package, you should see the "Programs" clause.

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some municipalities have dealt with the formalizing of fees by establishing a fees and charges policy which includes how program fees are determined and the policy is approved by council. IE programs fees are set on a cost recovery basis. definition of what costs are recovered. Examples of program fees policies which are available online:

District of Mission
city of Vernon

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I tried to find the examples you provided, but was only able to find the Saanich example. If you (or anyone) could provide online links to these examples, it would be most appreciated! We also do not have anything set in our bylaws, or anywhere for that matter, with regards to pricing.

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