I’m wondering if you have a banner policy or procedure you can share with me?

I’m looking for information about hanging banners in sports arena (hockey, aquatic, indoor soccer pitch, etc). If you do allow them:

• Do you have stipulations on whose banner you hang (minor sport, provincial teams, International competition….. etc)
• can a lacrosse player team hang championship banner in the hockey arena or only hockey related banners (for example)?
• where would you hang a banner for an outdoor sport (cross country skiing, slow pitch, baseball, etc…)

Our recreation team is working on determining service levels. These have not been previously set and we are well on our way.

I am looking for any examples on the following:

Outward facing service level documents/policies
Inward facing service level documents/policies
examples of how you measure/monitor/communicate programming volume at the organization level down to the programmer level.

Looking forward to seeing what you have

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