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Date Posted Title Summary Description Contributer Source Attachment/Link
May. 2, 2013 Walk Score Discover the walkability of your community. admin Link
May. 2, 2013 Pedestrian and Bicycle Information System: Case Study Compendium, 2010 This compendium contains a collection of case studies that cover pedestrian and bicycle projects and programs from across the US and abroad admin Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Centre Link
May. 2, 2013 Communities in Motion: Bringing Active Transportation to Life A selection of Canadian communities that are making active transportation a priority. admin Federation of Canadian Municipalities Link
May. 2, 2013 Healthy Communities and the Built Environment: Principles and Practices of Multi-sectoral Collaboratives, 2008 This report is a set of seven case studies focused on the experiences, lessons and best, good, and promising practices and principles of multisectoral collaboratives working to create healthier communities through community design, land use planning and planning policy development in Ontario. admin Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition Link
May. 2, 2013 Case studies on physical activity and the built environment, 2007 It aims to strengthen our collective understanding about how to enhance health through effective planning and design. This guide is designed for those who work in health services, urban planning and development, government, and education: from health promoters encouraging use of local trail networks, to municipal planners preparing new developments, to developers designing new communities more... admin Public Health Services Authority (PHSA) Link
May. 2, 2013 Bridging Health to the Planning Table: A Profile of Promising Practices in Canada and Abroad This report profiles case studies of 13 Canadian communities where collaborative approaches to improve health outcomes have been a key consideration in planning decisions related to the built environment. This focus was chosen so that the successes (and lessons learned) of a variety of different projects could be shared with other communities. admin Link
May. 2, 2013 Wheelability Assessment Pilot Project This report provides an update on the Wheelability Assessment Pilot Project, which is designed to improve mobility and enhance active transportation options for people who are reliant on wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and other mobility aids. admin Link
May. 2, 2013 City of Terrace Active Transport Plan A commitment by City Council to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, a recognized need to make cycling and walking more convenient and safe for the public, and a desire to increase transportation equity provide the main impetus behind the creation of the Terrace Active Transportation Plan. This Plan sets forth an approach to create better connections and increase awareness of active transportation... admin Link
May. 2, 2013 Wells-Baskerville Bike Route Feasibility Study This Bike Route Feasibility Study has been completed for the District of Wells to evaluate the potential and cost of constructing a bicycle path between Wells admin Link
Apr. 29, 2013 Revelstoke Active Transportation Plan The AT Plan sets forth a vision, recommended long-term active transportation network, and supporting policies, programs and initiatives to provide the City with a plan toward facilitating increased active transportation in Revelstoke. admin City of Revelstoke Link
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