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Date Posted Title Summary Description Contributer Source Attachment/Link
May. 8, 2013 Art in the Park: An overview of implementing Public Art in Parks and Municipalities An overview of implementing Public Art in Parks and Municipalities admin Alberta Recreation and Parks Association
May. 8, 2013 The Arts, Health and Seniors Project: A Three Year Exploration of the Relationship between Arts and Health From 2006-2009, an initiative was developed in Vancouver and North Vancouver to provide vulnerable and marginalized seniors with community-engaged arts programming and to demonstrate the role that professionally led arts programs can play in the health and well-being of seniors. admin Alison Phinney, PhD Mark Pickersgill, MA Margaret Naylor, MFA Elaine Moody, MSN Juan Gabriel Solorzano MSc. jil p. weaving, MA
May. 8, 2013 Access Dance for Life! Accessible Dance for All Ages and Abilities admin Access Dance for Life!
May. 8, 2013 Who Uses School Athletic Facilities? Children spend much of their time in school, and many schools provide programs and facilities to give students opportunities to be physically active. This study examined whether the availability of sport facilities was related to students’ physical activity, as well as whether children who participated in intramural sports had different levels of physical activity than children who participated... admin Active Living Research
May. 8, 2013 School sport policy and school-based physical activity environments and their association with observed physical activity in middle school children admin Elsevier Ltd.
May. 8, 2013 RESEARCH Open Access Getting kids active by participating in sport and doing It more often: focusing on what matters Reduced time dedicated to physical education and free play in recent decades emphasizes the need to promote opportunities for sport participation in adolescents in order to increase physical activity levels. The purpose of this study was to examine the association of sociodemographic and biological characteristics, behavioural patterns, and school-related and sport-specific variables with time... admin Mandic et al. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 2012 Link
May. 8, 2013 A Summer to Change a Life: Video A powerful video called "A Summer to Change a Life" by Ian Hill that challenges Parks and Recreation staff to think about the vital and critical role they can play in building "citizens of tomorrow" within their summer programs. admin Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA) Link
May. 8, 2013 Walk this Way: The Economic Promise of Walkable Places in Metropolitan Washington, D.C. This study of Washington neighbourhoods finds that walkable places are more likely to perform better economically. Not only do environmental interventions to encourage walking increase the number of pedestrians, but office, residential, and retail rents, retail revenues, and for-sale residential values also increase. Considering the economic benefits of walkability, the authors argue that it... admin Christopher B. Leinberger and Mariela Alfonzo Link
May. 8, 2013 “SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING” — What We Can Do About Killer Couches, Sedentary Schools, and the Pandemic of Inactivity While diet and genetics are key contributers to obesity, Richard Louv diuscusses the role of inactivity. According to an article published by the Harvard Business Review, “Sitting is the Smoking of our Generation,” as we work, we sit more than we do anything else. On average, counting the time we sit at home, we sit 9.3 hours per day. Not only that, but children are educated with these standards... admin Children and Nature Network - Richard Louv Link
May. 8, 2013 IPEN - International Physical Activity and the Environment Network IPEN aims to increase communication and collaboration between researchers investigating environmental correlates of physical activity; stimulate research in physical activity and the environment; recommend common methods and measures. admin IPEN - International Physical Activity and the Environment Network Link
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