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Date Posted Title Summary Description Contributer Source Attachment/Link
May. 8, 2013 One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure: The Public Place-making of “Mount Trashmore” admin Journal of Park and Recreation Administration (Amanda J. Johnson, Troy D. Glover, William P. Stewart)
May. 8, 2013 A Tale of Two City Parks How public-private partnerships have helped to revive two Olmstead-designed parks. admin Barbara Elwood Schlatter
May. 8, 2013 Yes I Can! The How's and Whys of Physical Fitness admin Basketball Beginnings
May. 8, 2013 ParticipACTION: Baseline assessment of the 'new ParticipACTION': A quantitative survey of Canadian organizational awareness and capacity At baseline, and without specific details of the campaign, respondents believe they have good capacity to work with ParticipACTION. ParticipACTION may do well to capitalize on the existing strong organizational capacity components of leadership, infrastructure and 'will' of national organizations to facilitate the success of its future campaigns. admin International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
May. 8, 2013 Feasibility of a 6-month exercise and recreation program to improve executive functioning and memory of individuals with chronic stroke This pilot study suggests that exercise and recreation may improve memory and executive functions of community dwelling individuals with stroke. Further studies require a larger sample size and a control group. admin PubMed Central CANADA
May. 8, 2013 Combating Obesity through the Built Environment: Is There a Clear Path to Success? admin Fazal Khan
May. 8, 2013 Learning Holidays and Nature at the Banff School of Fine Arts, 1933-1966 admin University of Alberta - PearlAnn Reichwein, PhD, and Karen Wall, PhD
May. 8, 2013 Using the arts and culture to deliver positive activities for young people admin MLA
May. 8, 2013 Interpreting the Cultural Histories of Aboriginal Peoples: Oral Narratives, Tourism Productions and Lived Experiences admin Lifestyle Information Network
May. 8, 2013 Culture and Recreation: Links to Well-Being This paper explores the importance of culture and recreation for the health and well-being of individuals and communities. It is the eighth in a series of papers written in support of the Vibrant Communities project. admin Sherri Torjman
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