Related Organizations

Related Organizations

There are lots of organizations doing great work out there. Check out what we have so far. The list is ever-changing so if you think we missed someone, let us know!

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Date Posted Title Summary Description Contributer Source Attachment/Link
May. 8, 2013 Injury Free Zone INJURY FREE ZONE is a lifesaving injury prevention program of the BC Injury Prevention Centre, part of Trauma Services, Vancouver Coastal Health and is located at Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, British Columbia. admin Injury Free Zone Link
May. 8, 2013 BrainTrust Canada BrainTrust Canada is a progressive non-profit association that has provided community rehabilitation to persons with brain injury in the Okanagan since 1986. The association provides individualized community support and rehabilitation to maximize independence after brain injury. These services include residential, pre-employment, health maintenance, education, financial, compensatory strategy... admin BrainTrust Canada Link
May. 8, 2013 Respect in Sport Respect in Sport is Canada's only interactive, online certification program to protect our youth and enhance an organization's mandate for safe, fun and respectful environments for all. admin Respect in Sport Link
May. 8, 2013 BC Hockey BC Hockey's Risk Management Resources admin BC Hockey Link
May. 8, 2013 Sport and Law Strategy Group The Sport Law & Strategy Group (formerly the Centre for Sport and Law) provides legal solutions, planning and governance services, and strategic communications consulting in the Canadian sport system. admin Sport and Law Strategy Group Link
May. 8, 2013 Sport Alliance Ontario (SAO) Since 1989, Sport Alliance Ontario (SAO) has been actively involved in educating coaches, trainers, teachers, students,  sport administrators and volunteers about the fundamentals of injury prevention, care and risk management. admin Sport Alliance Ontario (SAO) Link
May. 8, 2013 Lifesaving Society For 100 years The Lifesaving Society has been Canada's "Lifeguarding Experts". The Society works to prevent drowning and water-related injury. admin Lifesaving Society Link
May. 8, 2013 Active Safe Kids Manitoba The Manitoba Coalition for Active & Safe Kids (MCASK) website is a shared commitment to promoting safe play and the importance of using protective equipment to reduce concussions, fractures and drownings for children and youth. admin Active Safe Kids Manitoba Link
May. 8, 2013 Arts BC ArtsBC supports the central role of arts and arts practices in building community and the unique ways in which arts and culture contribute to a strong, healthy society. admin Arts BC Link
May. 8, 2013 BC Arts Council The British Columbia Arts Council is an independent agency that supports arts and cultural activity in communities across British Columbia. admin BC Arts Council Link
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