Related Organizations

Related Organizations

There are lots of organizations doing great work out there. Check out what we have so far. The list is ever-changing so if you think we missed someone, let us know!

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Date Posted Title Summary Description Contributer Source Attachment/Link
May. 8, 2013 Canadian Paralympic Committee The Canadian Paralympic Committee (“the CPC”) is a non-profit, private organisation with 46 member sports organisations. admin Canadian Paralympic Committee Link
May. 8, 2013 Rick Hanson Institute The Rick Hansen Institute is a Canadian-based not-for-profit organization committed to accelerating the translation of discoveries and best practices into improved treatments for people with spinal cord injuries. admin Rick Hanson Institute Link
May. 8, 2013 SCI Alberta SCI Alberta highlights research projects in Alberta that individuals with spinal cord injury can participate in. admin SCI Alberta Link
May. 8, 2013 Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC) The key objectives of the Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC), are to improve knowledge and understanding of Paralympic sport.  As well as researching high performance disability sport, the PHC will promote the substantial health and quality of life benefits that can be gained through participation in grassroots disability sports. admin Peter Harrison Centre for Disability Sport (PHC) Link
May. 8, 2013 Sport in Motion Support in Motion (SIM) is a not-for-profit organization that raises funds to provide specialized rehabilitation therapy to teens with spinal cord injuries living in Ontario. admin Sport in Motion Link
May. 8, 2013 SCI Action Canada Advancing physical activity knowledge and participation among Canadians living with spinal cord injury. admin SCI Action Canada Link
May. 8, 2013 Making Ontario Accessible, Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services Ontario’s businesses, organizations and communities are working to become more accessible and inclusive to people with disabilities. admin Making Ontario Accessible, Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services Link
May. 8, 2013 Curl BC Curl BC is the provincial sport governing body responsible for the development, promotion and organization of curling in British Columbia. Curl BC is also responsible for the championship system that declares provincial representation at national events. In cooperation with its membership of 26,000, Curl BC provides service to both competitive and recreational curlers, including a variety of ... admin Curl BC Link
May. 8, 2013 Disabled Skiers Association of BC The Disabled Skiers Association of BC is a registered Canadian Charity, established in 1973, working with hundreds of volunteers to provide opportunities for all persons with a disability to enjoy the freedom and therapeutic benefits of skiing and snowboarding. admin Disabled Skiers Association of BC Link
May. 8, 2013 BC Deaf Sports BC Deaf Sports Federation (BCDSF) is a multi-sport, non-profit organization functioning as an umbrella for deaf and hard-of-hearing athletes in British Columbia. admin BC Deaf Sports Link
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