What are lifeguards wearing on their feet when lifeguarding?

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Just wondering what lifeguards are wearing on their feet while lifeguarding, a few years ago everyone was wearing holey soles but they get very slippery if they start to wear out.  Any input would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

Shelly Hume
Sparwood Recreation Dept

Joined: 2010-08-12

Here’s our policy:

We also inspect shoes on our weekly checklist (so it happens most weeks) for wear – shoes that don’t have enough tread are removed from the shoe rack or staff are asked to change their shoes:

"It is recommended that aquatics staff wear supportive footwear whenever they are working including guarding, teaching lessons or fitness. Aquatics staff must wear footwear while they are lifeguarding - this can be runners, sandals with heel and toe straps or enclosed toe shoes (i.e. crocks/wholly shoes). It is not appropriate to wear flip flops or shoes that have been worn outside. It is important to insure that your footwear does not compromise your rescue ability – this includes moving quickly on the deck and possibly swimming with them (i.e. sandals with straps). Aquatic staff are required to inspect their footwear regularly for wear – your shoes must be replaced immediately if you have less than 40% of the original tread or if you have bald spots."

Susan Bullock

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Creston requires LG’s to wear supportive footwear (ankle & arch) and to have them not come off while moving with a sense of urgency on the deck. We reimburse $30 once finished probation. Most of our staff used Chacos

Brooke Cherfils
Aquatic Programmer
Creston & District Community Complex

Joined: 2010-08-12

In Surrey, we require supportive footwear as well, with a good tread and a heel strap for any sandals (no flip flops). We do not allow crocs as they lack the support and tread. We don’t specify any specific brand of footwear. Bare foot is allowed for guarding as an option as well.

Jeff Holland
City of Surrey

Joined: 2014-11-25

Is there anything new anyone has noticed over the last couple years or any new policies.

Jody Hammerer

Joined: 2013-10-26

Doing a bit of a project so just bringing this post back up again to see if there are any more replies.

Michael Nimmons
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