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At the 2018 Empower YOUth Conference, delegates convened for a one hour session to discuss issues, solutions, and supports around 6 key topic areas affecting youth workers today.  Those 6 topics were:

• Physical Literacy
• Social Media
• Substance Use / Substances
• Youth Engagement
• Mental Health
• LGBTQ+ Youth

Hi Rec Programmers ,

I work at the Sunshine Coast Regional District and have a small pool of fitness instructors. With the coast growing, so is the desire for expansion of programs, in particular fitness programs. I am curious about two things:

1) does anyone else struggle with being in a somewhat remote location and having limited instructor resources? And if so, what are your suggestions for program variety and for finding instructors?

Hey all, we are considering how to include this type of programming specifically into our group lessons. I've completed the RC Adapted Online Course, and taken a look through the online tools.

Has anyone been through the same process, or has any insights/best practices to share?

Thanks is advance,



What tools/measures do people use to evaluate program proposals and existing programming?

Please post your programs below, with any and all information you want to include.

Hi eveyone!

The BCRPA Programmers Dialogue is happening on Tues May 1st 1:45-3 pm at the 2018 BCRPA Symposium. We hope to see you there! There will be a huge amount of expertise in the room and we hope to facilitate an exchange of that knowledge among programmers. We will provide opportunities for participants to learn from other programmers about their program experiences as well as establish relationships outside of their organizations who they can contact with programming questions. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Hi All,

Is there any research showing program pricing comparisons across the Lower Mainland?

I think there is one municipality that tends to do this research, but i can't find it anywhere.


BCRPA's Ripple Effects Workshop is back!!

Monday, October 16, 2017  |  Westin Bayshore, 1601 Bayshore Drive, Vancouver

  • Pre workshop sessions on Sunday, October 15 at various locations in Vancouver
  • Register before July 28 for maximum savings

In Canada there is currently momentum around creating opportunities to connect people to nature – Here are some initiatives and resources on the national level that show how we can create opportunities in recreation to connect people to nature – and why it is important.

Risk and Risk Management are BIG topics in the conversation about creating programs that connect people to nature. So I'm not even going to try to cover all of the angles of it in one post -- but I thought I would provide some different perspectives about the value of risk our programs. And then I'm hoping you will click on the "reply" button and add your thoughts to create a conversation.

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