Does anyone have a policy or recommendation for age limits of kids with parents in opposite sex change rooms? One example is a male 5-year old child in the ladies change room with their mother.

Our current policy is to allow under-7s in any change room with their parents as it matches with our under-7 rule in the pool area.

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide,


How are other cities dealing with the issue of gift card liability potentially growing to a material amount from an accounting/audit perspective? We are not allowed to have expiry dates on the gift cards.

I am wondering how other municipalities set their recreation program fees. For our small municipality, most of our program fees are set by the contractors who are delivering the service. Our recreation department split registration fees 80% (instructor) 20% (municipality). This model has recently been called into question by another department who suggests that all fees must be set into a Fees Bylaw. It would be difficult to set every program fee into a bylaw as these programs vary on an annual basis depending on who is available in our community to deliver services.

Hi there

Does anyone have any information regarding program instructors and minimum hours of work? I know labor standards are to pay the employee minimum of 2 hours; however many programs/fitness classes are one hour. What does everyone else do? Are there exemptions to this rule that apply to recreation program instructors?

BCRPA's Ripple Effects Workshop is back!!

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Hello Everyone,

Do you allow overnight camping in your municipality at your sport centers for meets and/or events? We have a no camping bylaw in place that we would like to review. If you have a bylaw banning or allowing could you please send me at copy at kcarlson@fortstjohn.ca?

Thank you.

Hi fellow BCRPAers:

I am looking for standards for bridge construction for nature trails. Primary users are hikers, horse riders, and mountain bikers. Anyone know of any references?


Frank Baksics

Abbotsford Parks - Natural Areas and Trails

Sounds like there are a few folks out there reviewing their Ice Use/Allocation Policies at the moment. One of the questions that I keep hearing is "how are you charging users for ice maintenance/floods?" What I'd love to hear from you is which of the following apply to your existing policy:

A. Users do not pay to have ice cleaned prior to or after their booking (1 hour booking = 60 minutes of ice)

B. Users pay for an ice clean as part of their booking time (1 hour booking = 45 min of ice and 15 min for flood)


Could you share your city / facility policies that govern the rental/use of public parking stalls when hosting events? I've been sourcing other municipal bylaws and have come up empty thus far.

You can email me at dcousins (at) delta.ca



Senior Policy Analyst

The Corporation of Delta

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