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Hi Everyone,

Curious about what kind of registration and cancelation policies you have for your day camps? We have had many challenges before but now it is we are the only licensed out of school care program in our area and parents block booked us this year, abided by our one calendar month's notice cancelation policy, and basically withdrew 85% of their registrations. This created a bit of a daycare conundrum for the community, large waitlists and a planning nightmare for staff........curious if anyone requires a 25% deposit at time of booking or 100% or anything like that in combination with your cancelation policy.

Any feedback greatly appreciated.


Christine Burns

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We take payment (cc/cash) at time of booking- if a person doesn't have a credit card we will accept post dated cheques for program beginning no more than 10 days out. We also have a 72 hour cancellation policy on all of our programs, including day camps.
By using flex reg and allowing for single day camp registration we have noticed a reduction in our cancellations but by no means does it eliminate it

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Thanks for your feedback that helps with decision making moving forward.

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For camps, we have the option to take 50% of the payment at the time of registration and schedule the next 50% for the start of the course or they can pay in full at time of registration if they choose.
Currently, for all programs we have withdrawal fees that apply if the customer withdraws within 7 days of the start of the program. The withdrawal fee increases in amount for programs over $250 and we are thinking of moving that to $200.

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