Risk Management for Parks and Recreation - Managing Summer Risks

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There has been a significant rise of liability losses citing improper care of playing fields, BMX/Skate Parks, waterfronts and trails. Register for the Managing Summer Risks training program to discover how municipalities can balance the risks and rewards of summer use of parks. This session benefits all parks management and staff as well as parks and recreation board members and elected officials. You will examine user agreements, maintenance and inspection policies, and the legal requirements necessary for departments to avoid liability losses, while leaving acceptable risks in your parks.

TITLE: Managing Summer Risks
WHEN: June 25th, 2015
WHERE: Bear Creek Park 13820 – 88th Ave, Surrey BC
TIME: 9am – 4pm
REGISTER ONLINE:: http://download.bcrpa.bc.ca/form/risk-management-parks-and-recreation-ma...
OR CALL: 604.629.0965 x229

Note: Seven (7) BCRPA Fitness CEC's are awarded to BCRPA fitness leader attendees.

Doug Wyseman
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BCRPA is offering this training program as a pre-conference session at the Symposium in Kelowna on April 4, 2017.

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Appropriate Risk Management cannot give you the capabilities to predict the future, but it can offer you an approach that allows you to detect the appearance of threats early Get Your Homework Done Online enough to respond effectively. Establishing roles and responsibilities adapted to the capabilities of each member of the organization is vital to ensure efficient Risk Management.

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