Retiring a fire truck in a public park

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Our community has a fire truck that we will be retiring soon and our recreation department thought it would be fun to retire it in a public park and convert it into a safe play space for kids.

Have any other communities done something similar? If so what guidelines did you use to ensure the vehicle was safe for public use.

Just hoping to have some assistance figuring out the steps to take to convert a truck into a playground!

Doug Wyseman
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You should be able to use the fire truck as a place space, but should have someone spend some time going over it to make sure that it doesn't contain any unseen dangers for kids. really looking for the same type of stuff that you look for on a playground... head entrapments, pinch points, protrusions, fall zones etc.

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Prince George has an old Fire Truck in their main City park. It's been there a long time so I'm not 100% sure if anyone involved would still be around. Give Brad Beckett a call at 250-561-7654.

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