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Active Network owns three recreation software programs:  Class; Safari and ActiveNet.  Active Network will no longer support Safari after 2015 and Class after November 2017, thereby leaving only one product on the market: ActiveNet.  The majority of municipal recreation departments in BC currently use one or the other of these soon-to-be-defunct programs. The impact of this on municipalities is great as they all search other viable options. 

On November 6/7, 2014, the BCRPA hosted a Recreation Registration Software Forum to facilitate discussion and collaborative action.  The programme included a tradeshow and vendor presentations of their products, dialogue between vendors and clients (recreation staff and their IT representatives), and an in-camera discussion of options and potential approaches for collective action. 

From this forum the following is available for your use and reference.

Unedited videos of the vendor presentations, including an introduction to the Delta Collaborative Model and as well as the results of a province-wide Recreation Software Functionality Survey. 

A Summary Report of the in-camera discussions has also been produced.

We encourage you to continue the conversation here on the Collaboration site, and to post related documents.


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Hi Admin or all,
I am looking for any follow up to the RRSF Summary Report above. Is there any list on what Recreation Registration Software different Recreation & Parks at different municipalities are using now or migrated into prior to Nov/2017?

or even various news release such as this one:

City of Campbell River - News Release:

Thank you.
Kartika Wisjnu-Lim

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The Regional District of Nanaimo has opted to go with ActiveNet and will be live using the new system as of August 22, 2016

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Hi! Try to ask these guys 123Essay I heard that they investigated this issue.

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