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Good Morning,

I was wondering what your policy was with giving out quarters to patrons who do not have one for the lockers?   Also we hand out a courtesy quarters to patrons who lock up their belonging, use the gym and then need to again lock up items to go into the pool deck area.  Do you give out courtesy quarters or expect patrons to provide their own?  We have also just installed new lockers for .50 so we will now have to hand out much more change.  We would like to steer away from this, what do you do?

Thank you


Jessica Jonas

Merritt, BC

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Hi everyone,
Our lockers are 1 time use for $0.50. Patrons are responsible to bring their own money. We also have complementary wallet lockers on the pool deck.

Michelle Jones
Recreation Programmer
Karen Magnussen Community Centre

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Our lockers are $0.25 (locker room and wallet lockers). Patrons are responsible for bringing their own change.

Fort St. John

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Hillcrest has coin return lockers, 0.25 cents.
We also carry a small amount of community/courtesy quarters and these always seem to come back OK.
Peter L Fox
Aquatic Supervisor - Hillcrest Centre
Vancouver Board of Parks & Recreation

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Hello everyone

At our facility our patrons have to purchase tokens at a coat of 0.50. They are responsible for purchasing the tokens. We also have wallet lockers by the front desk, these take quarters.

Melina Sweezey
Aquatic Coordinator
City of Dawson Creek

Joined: 2012-12-12

At the Township of Langley (WC Blair and Walnut Grove) we have coin lockers that take either .25, .50 or .75 depending on the size of the locker. We have wallet lockers on the deck that cost .25 and a very few in the lobby that are coin return. In the AQ Programmers office we have a small jar of coins that are counted and money given to customers that have had locker problems. This money is accounted for on a sign out sheet by the lifeguards. At Finance’s direction we tried to eliminate this slush fund but found that the customer inconvenience was pretty high. Finance assisted us with the tracking system for these loose coins.

We are seriously looking at moving away from lockers that collect the coins – we have had far too many theft issues. We are now looking at converting to a coin return system and building the cost of the locker usage into the admission rates. Because this will affect our fees & charges this may take some time to implement.

Glen – we too have a few lockers in a smaller set of gym changerooms that will accommodate a lock mechanism from home. These are problematic and we are looking to remove them entirely from the facility.

Happy Holidays ….

Leeann Virtue
Community Recreation Manager
Recreation, Culture, and Parks Division
Township of Langley

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