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Hi all

Just researching what other facilities do when it comes to obtaining photos for Leisure Guides - is there a particular stock photo provider that has reasonable pricing or more in-house photos with appropriate permissions, etc. Always looking for new ideas!



Creston and District Community Complex

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Hey Neil

Over the years I've done it a few different ways- used stock photos, hired a local photographer, used staff photos, and put a call out to our clients to submit images. Where I am currently we use a mix of all of the above with good success. Typically stock photos are a not all that effective, but sometimes they are the best you have. I prefer the images of real people in actual courses/facilities so it helps create that sense of connection. Often we've found local photographers who are either starting out or just really big on giving back to the community and are willing to work on a daily rate and then we own the photos outright. We typically set up a few photo shoots per year at different seasons and get them out to as many programs/facilities/parks as possible and to fill up gaps where needed. This approach takes some time and budgeting but well worth in in the long run.

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