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Use this discussion area to ask questions that may have arisen for you during the webinar.  You can also post a new question for your colleagues to answer.  We have attached a PDF copy of the PowerPoint used during the webinar. It lives here in the discussion area as well as the Best-Practices area for documents.


Janet Rerecich

Programs & Initiatives Manager, BCRPA

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I was hoping for more trends/issues discussion as a part of the webinar so if any body has any successes as far as program ideas to share that would be great. What age groupings to you use? Do you offer co-ed programs? Who staffs your drop in programs, are they drop in programs and if so how do you collect money for programs as 'off site locations' i.e. schools. What rate are you charging? Do you offer transportation to/from your programs? Also if you've stumbled across any funding sources we'd happily hear about those!

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Hello, I can answer a few of your questions based on the programs running through the After School Sport and Arts Initiative.

- The common age groupings we've seen are grades 1-3, 4-7, 6-7, 4-5, k-1, 3-6

- Most programs are co-ed. A few sites have separate girls and boys groups, and we've also seen specific programs for grade 7 or 8 girls

- A number of our sites offer drop in programs and get a single registration/permission form filled out at the beginning of the year. Some of these are staffed by youth workers and sport leaders from organizations such as the Pacific Institute of Sport Excellence. Local post-secondary institutions can also be a good place to recruit program leaders from.

- For funding sources, I would suggest you look at this list from the Healthy Schools BC website: It's updated frequently and a number of the grants would apply to after school programs. I'd also suggest to check out ViaSport, Telus Community Fund, Canadian Tire Jumpstart, and Aboriginal Sport BC


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