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We are currently offering a 2 hour afterschool drop in program on Tuesday and Thursday until 5:00 pm in our local public school. Parents are required to complete an intake form before sending their children to this program. Children wishing to participate that day drop in to the assigned room after the final class bell. This program has been increasingly more popular and we are now overprescribed. Our maximum participation level per day stands at 30 students. We currently have 50 intake forms on file. Not all the children attend each session and we have been fortunate that we have not had to turn anyone away. Moving forward into the Winter 2014 session we recognize the need to adjust how we administer this program to avoid having more than 30 show on any given day as we have neither space nor staffing to cover the overflow. Space is at a premium, so moving to another location is not a viable option. At this time, we are contemplating two possible scenarios to alleviate this issue: 1. Offer a fee based registration for the entire program regardless of number of times the student attends at the beginning of the Winter session. This would restrict the number of children who could benefit from the program with a maximum of 30 participants being able to register for the entire session. 2. Require an administration fee at the beginning of the Winter Session with parents calling in on a weekly basis to register for each individual class. This would open up the opportunity to more than 30 children but attendance would be first come, first serve for each week. We recognize the limitation of either scenario and would like to know how other communities are administering their after school program. What has worked? What doesn't? Is the program fee based and if so, what fees are attached? I am looking for input or suggestions from other communities who may have worked through this issue. I appreciate any input you can offer. Kimberly G. District of Kent

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