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I am planning an after school program in our local school and am wondering what sorts of activities your after school programs offer-arts, physical activity-a combination of both or other activities?

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Our kids are happy to play lego for hours and days on end - both the boys & girls.
We have a variety of options for the kids to choose from: lego, art, puzzles, board & card games, colouring. We also get outside or to the gym as well each session for at least 30 minutes.

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I work on the After School Sport and Arts Initiative, which supports after school programs in 17 school districts. As its name suggests, the programs are all sport, physical activity or arts based. Most of our programs offer sport or arts in sections (e.g. 8 weeks of sport then 8 weeks of arts), but usually don't offer sport and arts in the same day as transitioning kids from one activity to another can be challenging.

For arts - dance and visual arts (painting, drawing, mixed media) have been popular, bringing in local instructors who have a specific arts specialty. Holding a performance or art exhibit as a culminating event can be motivating for kids.
For sport, many programs have found success with non-competitive activities (e.g. physical literacy focused games and drills). Others have offered a variety of sports (again focusing on skill-based drills & games), then focused in on whichever the children like the best or where the staff have greatest skill in instructing. We encourage all of the sport leaders to be trained in High Five Principles of Healthy Child Development as well as a physical literacy focused training (Run Jump Throw Wheel, NCCP Fundamental Movement Skills, or Kids Can Move) - these include lesson plans & games that can be delivered in programs. Depending where you're located, local sport clubs or provincial sport organizations can be a good resource to assist in delivering specific sport activities.

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