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Date Postedsort icon Title Summary Description Contributer Source Attachment/Link
Apr. 24, 2013 The Role of Built Environments in Physical Activity, Obesity, and CVD The purposes of the present paper are to describe multilevel ecological models of behavior as they apply to physical activity, describe key concepts, summarize evidence on the relation of built environment attributes to physical activity and obesity, and provide recommendations for built environment changes that could increase physical activity. The intent of this non-systematic review is to... admin James F. Sallis, Myron F. Floyd, Daniel A. Rodríguez, and Brian E. Saelens.The Role of Built Environments in Physical Activity, Obesity, and CVD. PMC 125(5): 729–737. Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Best Practices for Physical Activity at Childcare among Preschool-aged Children admin ParticipACTION Research Files Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Healthy Choices Program The Healthy Choices program is designed to engage youth at risk for substance abuse in positive, empowering relationships and activities that build skills and resiliency. Serving predominantly Aboriginal youth, the program encourages participants to identify a skill that they are attracted to and helps them develop that skill. Participants also do volunteer work in the community and take part in... admin Winnipeg Boys and Girls Clubs, MB Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada This paper explores the challenges and opportunities facing Canada’s children and youth today. It examines their conditions and prospects, and highlights our current understanding of the role played by communities as they reinforce the efforts of families and schools, forming an essential third pillar of support to nurture our youth. And it highlights the significant contribution that Boys and... admin Boys and Girls Club: Developing Healthy and Confident Young People, 2007 Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Boys and Girls Club: Contributing to Physical Activity and Healthy Eating for Young Canadians, 2007 BGCC's position paper, Contributing to Physical Activity and Healthy Eating for Young Canadians calls for making access to physical activity and food security a federal priority. admin Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Program Leader Appraisal Form An example from the YWCA of a quick and easy form to obtain feedback about your program's leaders, staff, and volunteers. admin YWCA (HIGH FIVE Program) Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Program Assessment Feedback Form An example of a one-page feedback request you can use with parents to assess your program. admin Rainbow Day Camp (HIGH FIVE Program) Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Job Posting for HIGH FIVE Programmer An example of how you can use HIGH FIVE certification as a key qualification component in soliciting employees for programs. admin Town of Richmond Hill (HIGH FIVE Program) Link
Apr. 25, 2013 Good Food Ideas for Kids From the hockey rink, to the park, to the cafeteria, kids face tough food choices wherever they turn. Some kids can’t recognize all their vegetables, and many regularly eat cheap “convenience foods” loaded with sugar and fat.We’ll share information to help start a conversation about how to create healthier food environments for kids. admin Sustain Ontario Link
Apr. 25, 2013 10 Simple Acts 10 Simple Acts to improve food environment for kids in our communities. admin Sustain Ontario Link
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